Our Team

Mr. Gomez is a senior attorney at Zelms Erlich & Mack Los Angeles office. He has extensive experience in litigating real property matters including, title litigation, defense of escrow companies and construction defect litigation.

In the last several years, Mr. Gomez, as lead associate on various matters, successfully tried cases representing engineering firms, real estate brokers and parties on title disputes. He also has vast experience in defending attorneys on legal malpractice actions. Between 2004 and 2016 Mr. Gomez represented many clients on land use issues and he tried environmental regulation cases and eminent domain. He also represented governmental entities such as, So. Cal. water district in CERCLA actions, he represented homeowners on Coastal Act proceedings, and he represented petroleum companies in MTBE water contamination actions. Mr. Gomez also gained experience representing employers in sexual harassment and employment discrimination cases, Fair Housing matters, commercial disputes involving stockholder agreements and insurance companies on bad faith claims.