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Do’s and Don’ts for Property Managers and Landlords

Rinat B. Klier Erlich Real estate agents and brokers manage properties. They are often subject to claims by the Department of Real Estate, Department of Fair Housing, Department of Consumer Affairs, criminal prosecution and civil lawsuits by tenants. This article lists the main Do’s and Don’ts with respect to managing real property.  Do’s Lease: Generate…

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Cyber Phishing For Wire Fraud

Rinat Klier Erlich There are many forms of cyber fraud including, stolen information, cyber ransom and identity theft. In those situations, a perpetrator attacks a business and is able to steel from the business information of third parties, financial documents, or even shut down the business data in exchange for payment of a ransom. Those…

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Risks and Difficulties In Mold Litigation

Rinat B. Klier Erich Mold litigation is unique in that it is a cross over between design and construction defect, personal injury and property damage. Mold litigation is expert-intensive and it involves, construction law, personal injury law, contracts and insurance. Mold litigation in particular, has expanded into many forms of litigants including, property owners/buyers, employees,…

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Can a Broker Avoid Its Duty to Physically Inspect The Property?

Rinat B. Klier Erlich The recent California Governor executive order and the continued practice of brokers, requires a refresher on the brokers’ duties of inspection, so that brokers understand what they may or may not do. One of those duties is the broker’s duty of physical inspection, which is required before completing the Transfer Disclosure…

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The Risks of Dual Agency

Cheryl Davidson, Specialty Claims Management Rinat B. Klier Erlich Real estate transactions have always had the dual agency anomaly, in comparison with other fields of professional services. In the recent case of Horiike v. Coldwell Banker (2016) the California Supreme Court has taken the risk of dual agency over the top. It is nearly impossible…

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CAR Coronavirus Addendum and Cancelation of Contracts

Rinat B. Klier Erlich The California Association of Realtors Residential Purchase Agreement does not have a force majeure provision in the contract, so a buyer or seller wishing to cancel or delay should review their s igned escrow instructions for further guidance. They should not rely on their brokers in giving them any legal advice,…

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